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Support During Covid-19

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You Deserve Support

The effects of Covid 19 on the wellbeing of people should not be under-estimated and for survivors of sexual violence the effect can be profound.

Dealing with the fallout of the pandemic, including the threat to the health of ourselves and others, employment and finances, changing roles and pressures, all while being socially isolated is hard to cope with, especially when also processing the trauma of sexual violence.

As risk levels change and we are asked to make changes to help manage the virus we know that this can really impact survivors.  Some people will be confined with their abuser, which can put them at risk of increased incidents and severity of abuse.  Others may be living safely in a place where they were abused.  Some survivors may be experiencing a re-emergence of trauma and related issues which may have left them feeling shocked and confused.  Whatever your situation if you are struggling you deserve support.

The Covid 19 pandemic is not an everyday situation and, however this has impacted you, if you are a survivor of sexual violence and are aged 18+ in Nottinghamshire we are here to help you.  It doesn’t matter whether the abuse is current, recent or in the past, we will listen to you and support you and we will not judge.

Our helpline is open with extra hours on a Wednesday.  We are taking referrals into all our services.  In line with current guidelines most of our Face-to-Face services are being provided via telephone or online.  Referrals into our services and requests for support can also be made online

If you require additional support during this time, you are welcome to phone our helpline.

Alternatively you can access email support or refer into other services using our contact form.


Outside of its opening hours, you can leave a message on our answerphone (which also provides details of other services) or you can phone the 24hr Domestic and Sexual Violence Helpline on 0808 800 0340.  You can click here to get a full list of our resources.


Easter Opening

The helpline/Hub will be closed on Good Friday 2nd April and then Easter Monday 5th April. You can still make referrals into our service during this time using the online contact form

If you are unsafe

Sexual violence in the home is a form of domestic violence or abuse.  Whilst people are being encouraged to stay at home and maintain social distancing, if you are at risk of domestic or sexual abuse, it is okay to leave and seek help.  You can do this even if you have Coronavirus symptoms.

If you feel you are in danger, call 999.  For local support with domestic violence related situations including leaving and staying safe you can call:

Juno Women’s Aid: 0808 800 0340 (Women)

Equation: 0115 960 5556 (Men)

Both services are also welcoming of LGBT survivors.

If you are unsure about a situation you are in, we can listen to you and help you understand what is happening.  We can also direct you to other services if this is needed or requested.

Even if coronavirus guidance changes if you are at risk of domestic or sexual abuse it is okay to leave and seek help.  You can do this even if you have symptoms of Coronavirus

More information on domestic violence during the Coronavirus pandemic can be found on the Equation website

Online information

We have a wealth of support and self-help resources in the downloads section of our website, including our very popular Creating Safety online self-help programme, which has useful information and exercises on how to manage flashbacks, anxiety and other things that survivors may find upsetting.  We have included some information from our counselling support packs below.

Coping with Flashbacks, Nightmares and Intrusive Thoughts

Self-Care and Self-Blame

Sexual Violence and its Effects

Childhood Sexual Abuse and its Effects

Stay connected

We will also be posting information through our Facebook and Twitter platforms on updates relevant to the current situation as well as useful information on how to maintain good mental health during times of isolation and stress.

If you are at risk of domestic/sexual abuse in your home during the pandemic you are allowed to leave and seek refuge. 

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