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Making Nottingham a Safer Place to Study

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This week the population of Nottingham will grow considerably with the arrival of returning students and new ‘Freshers’ taking up their places in University.

There has been much discussion over the last couple of years on how universities promote the issues around consent and support students who have experienced sexual violence.  While the media is often seen to be criticising universities  for their inaction in this area, we wanted to take time to acknowledge the work that our local universities have done to help make Nottingham a safer place to study.


Let’s be Clear on Consent

Earlier this year, Notts SVS Services were pleased to have been involved with the launch of the ‘Let’s Be Clear on Consent’ at the University of Nottingham.  The university initiative, created with the support of the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and Nottinghamshire Police, aims to provide students with information about consent, tackle misconceptions and rape myths whilst providing information about where to go for support and further information.

This evening included the showing of a film created by Nottinghamshire Police and The Topaz Centre (Nottinghamshire’s Sexual Assault Referral Centre) about how to access support following a rape or serious sexual assault. The University of Nottingham, now has a webpage dedicated to this issue, which includes the excellent downloadable booklet ‘Let’s be Clear on Consent’.  The Topaz Centre provides a free drop-in service at The Orchards Building (the University of Nottingham Counselling Service) every Monday from 10am-5pm.


Consent is Everything Campaign

Nottingham Trent University (NTU) have worked hard with their Student Union (NTSU) to raise awareness around consent through their ‘Consent is Everything’ campaign.  They have a dedicated webpage, which includes a dramatized version of the popular tea and consent film as well as a ‘Respect and Consent’ page where they outline their expectations around behaviour with links to information from the CPS and support agencies.

NTU have worked to ensure that their Freshers Crew and Resident Assistants are trained in this area, and also have an accredited Sexual Violence Liaison Officer and two Project Officers for Sexual Violence based in their Student Services Team.  The Project Officers’ focus is to improve the disclosure rate of sexual violence and to ensure that the university and its staff respond sensitively and appropriately to these disclosures.

Nottingham Trent University has a Health and Wellbeing webpage and is dedicated to supporting students wellbeing, including supporting them with their academic studies, as well as referring to support agencies where appropriate.


Why Not Join the Conversation?

We are continually raising awareness around consent and will be posting information about Consent throughout October on our Social Media, which we invite you all to share.  We will also be hosting a Consent Twitter Q&A session, 2-4pm on Tuesday 10th October, and welcome you to join in the conversation.

In November, we will be raising awareness around The Topaz Centre (SARC) and posting on our social media about this valuable service.  A Twitter Q&A with The Topaz Centre/SARC Service Manager is scheduled for 3-5pm on Tuesday 7th November.

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