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SARC Provision in Nottingham has Changed

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Since April 2018, the Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) provision has changed across Nottinghamshire.  There are now two SARCs, one for children and young people (aged 0-17 years) with The Topaz Centre assisting adults.


A New SARC for Children and Young People

A new Paediatric SARC has been set up for anybody under the age of 18, who has experienced sexual abuse.

The Nottingham branch of the East Midland’s Children and Young People’s Sexual Assault Service (EMCYPSAS) is based in the Queens Medical Centre.  This specialist provision is commissioned to attend to the medical care and holistic support needs of children and young people, as well as young adults up to the age of 24 who have a learning disability.   Access to the 24 hour service can be gained through their phone number 0800 183 0023.

Notts SVS Services’ trained and experienced staff provide Crisis Worker support in this new provision, which helps young people feel as comfortable and reassured as possible during forensic medical examinations.

We are also pleased to provide Therapeutic Support Worker provision across Nottingham, for young people aged 13 and above, after they have attended the EMCYPSAS.  Our trained and qualified workers are able to offer 10 support sessions in safe locations suitable to the survivor.  This service offers non-judgemental and affirming support, along with referral pathways into other services, to ensure that survivors are supported throughout their recovery and healing following an assault.

More information about the EMCYPSAS can be found on their website.


The Topaz Centre

Support for adults remains at the Topaz Centre.  This SARC, now provided by Mountain Healthcare, continues to attend to the support and medical needs of adults following a rape or sexual assault.  The service works closely with Notts SVS Services, referring into our ISVA and counselling support, as required.

Referrals into the Topaz Centre can be made via their new telephone number: 0800 085 9993. Further information can be found on their new website.


Updating your Information

If you provide information about Nottinghamshire’s SARC on your website, it would be useful if you could update your information to contain the contact details for the new SARC provisions as above.  We have provided telephone numbers and links to the new websites on our own website, to enable people to access the SARCs when needed.

Notts SVS Services are pleased that the provision of support to children is now available in Nottingham/shire.  We continue to provide our wide range of services for survivors of sexual violence, alongside the SARC provision.  We are currently recruiting a Survivors Support Service Coordinator and have exciting updates to our ISVA provision coming soon.

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