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Fantastic Response to our Consent Survey

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Our first ever consent survey closes after receiving over 2,700 responses.

The Consent Coalition has been running its survey since the launch in Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness Week in February this year.  Based around the central question ‘Do you get consent?’ the survey looked at a range of issues that might affect a person’s knowledge such as rape myths, victim-blaming beliefs and different scenarios.

The survey was set up after previous surveys in the UK had highlighted issues around the understanding of sexual violence and consent.  The coalition wanted to find out whether these issues were also prevalent in Nottingham and to use this information to provide further campaigns in these areas.  Those who completed the survey were taken to a page giving basic information and answers to the issues raised.

Over 2,700 people answered the survey with the majority of respondents living in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.  Previous UK-wide surveys have been answered by around 3-4000 people so we are really pleased with the number of replies we got.

We hope to publish survey results in Spring 2021.


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