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Awareness campaigns from Notts SVS Services and supporting organisations from across the UK

Our Main Campaigns

If you would like to receive updates about our campaigns or receive information on how you can help with our campaigns, please email admin@nottssvss.org.uk

No More Rape Myths

Rape myths and misinformation are prevalent in our society and are often spread by the media. This makes it more difficult for survivors to be believed and access support.

Join our No More Rape Myths campaign to directly challenge rape myths in the media and create positive change.

No More Rape Myths Cover
Cover of Out of the Shadows booklet

Support After TV

Our research ‘Out of the Shadows’ shows that support information provided after TV programmes can help survivors recognise abuse and get the support they need.

The provision of support information is patchy and does not occur online.

Sign our petition to get this changed.

Campaigns with the Consent Coalition

We work very hard building campaigns with the Consent Coalition and host their website. The coalition’s work has received UK-wide acclaim. Have a look at their excellent resources.

A-Z Consent Poster - no words

A-Z of Consent

Have a look at the A-Z of Consent Campaign, created as part of the Consent Coalition.  The resource includes lots of information about consent and what it looks like.

There are loads of posters to download for free and they can even be sent out as social media packs for you to use.

Get Consent Poster

#GetConsent Campaign

The #GetConsent Campaign created with the Consent Coalition looks at some common consent issues and asks Do You Get Consent?  The resource contains click through pictures to more information and posters that are free to download.

Look at the resource here.

Campaign Blogs

Read our campaigning blog posts.  If you would like to receive updates about our campaigns or receive information on how you can help with our campaigns, please get in touch

It's the 10th WEVAW Awards and the first time they are UK wide. Find out how to nominate good journalism and our role in this year's awards.
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The launch of a bus and tram wrapped in the A-Z of Consent encourages big and bold conversations on consent in Nottingham.
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For survivors of sexual abuse, prostate concerns can be hard to deal with. Re-share our article on Men's Health and the support available this #Movember.
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After a year of social distancing we need to talk about hugging, contact and consent...
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For survivors of sexual abuse, prostate concerns can be hard to deal with. Get the lowdown on what to look for and the support available.
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The IPSO review of the Editor's Code is a significant opportunity for us to challenge rape myths and misinformation in the press.
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Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness Week sees the launch of the Consent Coalition website and consent resources for the people of Nottingham/shire
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Our Support-After-TV campaign is taking a huge step forward and we are currently drafting guidelines to submit to Ofcom in response to their consultation
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IPSO's Review Consultation of their Editorial Code signifies a huge opportunity for us to get rid of rape myths and misinformation in the media.
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We have contacted General Election candidates in Nottingham/shire asking them to pledge to support survivors of sexual violence.
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Why the media should provide contact details alongside stories that deal with sexual violence.
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We're asking for all UK TV networks to provide support information after all shows that feature sexual violence, across their live and digital platforms.
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Our @NoMoreRapeMyths Twitter campaign directly challenges media use of rape myths whilst encouraging responsible coverage on the issue of sexual violence.
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This week long spotlight spreads the message that any form of sexual abuse or sexual violence is unacceptable
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Nottingham providers of specialist domestic and sexual violence services look back on some recent successes.
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Nottinghamshire Police have launched a Consent Questionnaire top help increase understanding of consent and prevent sexual violence and rape.
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The Government has announced plans to make it easier for survivors of domestic violence to register anonymously on the Electoral Register.
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After years of dedicated campaigning, the government announced on 1st March that Sex and Relationship Education is to be made compulsory in all Schools.
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On 3rd March, the government committed to helping survivors of domestic violence vote safely by making it easier to register anonymously.
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