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Your Journey now available in 5 additional languages

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We are pleased to announce that the acclaimed booklet Your Journey – sexual violence a survivor’s guide to support and reporting has now been translated into Arabic, Farsi, Polish, Romanian and Urdu.


About the guide

Launched in February 2020, through the Consent Coalition, Your Journey gently looks at the decisions a person might make following an incident of sexual violence.  The booklet was written with input from survivors and the different agencies mentioned.  It includes sections on different support options, decisions, reporting to the police, and what an investigation and going to court might look like.

The booklet has received praise from across the UK with Max Hill QC, Director of Public Prosecutions calling it ‘excellent’ and urging survivors to ‘please read the guide.’  The guide has been widely distributed across Nottingham/shire by police and through ISVAs (Independent Sexual Violence Advisors) passing it to survivors accessing support.



Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner Caroline Henry used ‘Safer Streets 4’ funding to have the booklet translated into five other languages, Arabic, Farsi, Polish, Romanian and Urdu.  These were the languages chosen as they are the most prominent languages spoken in the area after English.  The booklet retains the feel of the original.

Karen Jardine, Campaigns and Communications Officer for Notts SVSS said ‘We have been involved with the coalition from the start and are delighted at how the project has grown.  We knew that talking about consent would also highlight incidents where consent had not been given.  It was very important to the coalition that survivors would be able to find out about the support and reporting options open to them.  Your Journey does just that.  The fact that this booklet has now been translated into five other languages will help to ensure that more people get this information in a way that is right for them.’


How to get the new booklets

The Your Journey guide is available to download in all six languages directly from both the Consent Coalition website and the downloads section of our own website.  You can also email the coalition to request a version for professional printing.

Why not have a look at the Consent Coalition website for more information about this work, including the award winning Safe Space Pledge and how to become a supporter of the coalition.

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