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Support for Speakers of Other Languages

View and download our brief guide to services available, translated for speakers of other languages.

Support for Speakers of Other Languages

We can offer support to people who speak other languages and who may require a translator to access our services. 

We have created a basic guide to our services, translated into four most commonly spoken languages for our area.  The buttons can be used to click through to online information.

We are also able to support people whose language is not one of the four below.

Downloadable booklets are available through the links or at the bottom of the page

نوٹنگھمشائر میں جنسی تشدد کے سلسلے میں امدادی خدمات

ایک مختصر رہمائی پرچہ

Brief Guide – Urdu

خدمات حمایتی در مقابل خشونت جنسی استان ناتینگهام شایر

راهنمای مختصر

Brief Guide – Farsi

Usługi wsparcia dla ofiar przemocy na tle seksualnym na terenie Nottinghamshire

Krótki przewodnik

Brief Guide – Polish

خزمەتگوزارییەکانی پشتگیری بۆ قوربانیانی توندوتیژی سێکسی لە نۆتینگهامشایەر

ڕێنمایەکی کورت

Brief Guide – Kurdish-Sorani

Notts SVS Services

A Brief Guide

Translation of Guide in English

Download Guides

You can download copies of our brief guide below.

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