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Surveys and Consultations

Take part in these surveys and consultations to make your thoughts and experiences heard.

Use Your Voice

There are lots of ways to use your voice.  Here are some opportunities to have your say and influence change that can help prevent sexual violence and improve the services that are offered to survivors.

To provide feedback on Notts SVSS, the easiest way is to use our online feedback form or phone the helpline on 0115 941 0440.

Picture of a survey and a pencil, with the text 'got a couple of minutes? Please take our survey on what you want to find out about Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence.'

Continuing the Conversation Beyond SASVAW 2024

This year we lead a Week of Action during Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness Week.  We want to keep the conversation going beyond this week and are asking everyone to complete our short survey.  In it we ask things like – what do you think survivors needs to know about sexual violence and what commitments you would like to hear on tackling sexual violence in the next General Election.

The survey is anonymous and we do not ask for your personal information.  Responses to the survey may be used to help us plan our work, communications and campaigns going forwards over the next year.

Go to the survey (external webpage)

Pornography regulation, legislation and enforcement – call for evidence

The government is asking members of the public, subject matter experts and organisations to contribute to its call for evidence on pornography regulation, legislation and enforcement.

They want to ensure that ‘any legislation and regulation operates appropriately for all pornographic content, and that the criminal justice system have the tools they need to respond to online illegal pornographic material, and exploitation and abuse in the industry.’

The call for evidence closes on 7 March 2024 and you can access it on the link below.

Go to the survey (external webpage)

A rectangle filled with pixellated background in blues, pinks and purples. Over this is the symbol of an eye with a diagonal line through it. Above this is a textbox - similar to a computer pop up. The text in the box (which is in blue) reads: creators, parents, public and law enforcers to help shape the future of UK pornography regulation.

Domestic abuse protection notices and protection orders: consultation on draft statutory guidance for the police

The Government have opened a consultation on the guidance around domestic abuse protection notices and protection orders.  They are asking for the following to share their views:

  • operational policing colleagues
  • frontline professionals across the domestic abuse (DA) sector
  • DA services
  • prosecutors of DA
  • services local to the DAPN/DAPO pilot sites

This consultation details the policy positions and operational processes for police-led applications for a DAPN and DAPO.  It seeks views on whether the DAPN and DAPO statutory guidance for police is clear and comprehensive The questions invite input into the sections that are considered to cover the most technical policy details of the DAPN and DAPO, however, questions also cover the guidance as a whole to invite broader reflections.

The consultation ends on 16 April 2024 and you can access it on the link below.

Go to the survey (external webpage)