No More Rape Myths

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No More Rape Myths

Join our campaign to end rape myths in the media

No More Rape Myths

Rape myths and misinformation can be found on a daily basis and affects the way in which society and individuals understand and respond to sexual violence, no matter what their personal experiences have been.

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The No More Rape Myths Campaign

Rape myths and misinformation are prevalent in our society.  Media takes many forms, newpapers, television, radio, social media and is present in our lives on a daily basis.  It investigates, informs, challenges and upholds social views and is uniquely placed to further awareness on the issue of rape, sexual violence and childhood sexual abuse.  If the media gets it right, movements are created and opinions are changed, but if they get it wrong this can further spread misinformation which is damaging to victims and survivors and society as a whole.

Our No More Rape Myths campaign aims to stop the perpetuation of rape myths through the media, whilst also celebrating and promoting responsible ways of handling this subject.

Campaign Aims

Challenge Poor Reporting

directly and publicly challenging media coverage which perpetuates rape myths or undermines the issue of sexual violence.

collating a body of evidence which can be used to press for wider change, better training of journalists or further regulation if needed

Promote Responsible Reporting

recognising and celebrating good media coverage of this issue

promoting Guidance for Media, which helps journalists and other media people consider what could make for better or more responsible reporting


Get UK TV networks to provide support information after all programmes containing sexual violence.


Get IPSO (independent press regulator) to set 5 Minimum Standards for press when reporting on sexual violence


Join us on social media and put public pressure on the media for positive change.

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