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Join our campaign to get IPSO to adopt our 5 Minimum Standards of reporting

All articles dealing with sexual violence should include contact details for support organisations.

Headlines should not undermine, minimise or excuse the issue of sexual violence, as this frames how the rest of the story is read.

Use the correct terms for sexual violence – don’t use the word ‘sex’ when ‘rape’ rape is what occurred

Articles on sexual violence should not include or appear next to images or links which undermine this issue

Journalists should not resort to myth-filled narratives to tell their story.

Join Our Campaign

The more people who support this campaign, the greater the impact will be in effecting change.  If you are on Twitter you can support us by:

  • Following the campaign on Twitter @NoMoreRapeMyths and retweet posts, memes, information and blog posts from our account
  • Letting us know about media reports, articles and storylines which you feel perpetuate rape myths or is covered irresponsibly by tweeting under the hashtag #NoMoreRapeMyths
  • Downloading our memes which can be used to directly challenge poor reporting – don’t forget to tag us in #NoMoreRapeMyths