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A-Z of Consent Arrives in Nottingham

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Bus and Tram Wrapped in the A-Z of Consent is launched in Nottingham as part of the Safer Women at Night (SWaN) funding.

The 10 March saw the arrival of a new consent resource in Nottingham in the shape of a bus and tram.

Created by the Consent Coalition, a group of organisations working together to raise awareness of consent and reduce sexual violence, the A-Z of Consent features different words relating to consent.  Its aim is to get people talking about sexual consent in a way that engaging and informative.

The Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner Caroline Henry, secured funding for this work and a range of other projects after results of a survey said that women did not feel safe in Nottingham’s Night Time Economy.

Commissioner Henry said: “Nottingham is a wonderful city to live and visit and we are determined to make it even safer.

“This is a big bold – and very bright – campaign.  I want it to encourage big, bold conversations.  I want people to wonder what it’s all about, to think and ask questions.

“Violence and sexual harassment against women will not be tolerated in Nottinghamshire. It is not acceptable and I am doing everything in my power to prevent it happening.

“This is about creating a safer Nottingham for all.”

Cllr Neghat Khan, Nottingham City Council’s DSVA Portfolio Holder, said: “Communication, honesty and respect are key to healthy sexual relationships. But why is consent so important? Without consent, sexual activity is sexual violence.

“In Nottingham we are committed to taking a zero tolerance stance against sexual violence and abuse, not only does that include supporting survivors, challenging perpetrators but educating everyone on the importance of consent.

“Consent should be at the heart of all relationships and it is an agreement between people engaging in sexual activity, where everyone involved has the freedom and capacity to make a choice.”

Novlet Holness, CEO for Notts SVSS said “We have worked tirelessly to help create this resource with our partners in the coalition.  We believe that through encouraging healthy and open conversations on consent we will also dismantle the myths and victim-blaming messages that perpetrators rely on to carry out an assault.”

“This is a bold move from Nottingham city and shows a firm commitment to drive out sexual violence.  The more we talk about consent, the more sexual assault becomes publically unacceptable.  This campaign can only be a good thing.”

The vehicles will be wrapped in the campaign colours for the next 12 months, with the bus visiting all areas of Nottingham and NET Tram serving many key locations across the city.

Through the SWaN initiative Commissioner Henry secured funding for a whole whole package of safety interventions worth around £300,000.  In addition to this project, they include:


How to get involved

The Consent Coalition has a range of resources available on its website that are free to download.  Since the launch of the online A-Z of Consent, campaign posters have been downloaded nearly 5000 times and social media packs have been requested across the UK.  You can find out more about the resources available on the coalition’s website.

If you are in Nottingham and would like to find out more about becoming a supporter of the coalition, the coalition would love to hear from you.

If you see the bus or tram you can tag the coalition in on your photos using @ConsetInNotts or the hashtag #GetConsent

People involved with the A-Z of consent sat in the tram with Police and Crime Commissioner Caroline enry
People involved with the A-Z of Consent campaign listen to Police and Crime Commissioner Caroline Henry.
Close up of the tram wrapped in the A-Z of Consent
The tram encourages big and bold conversations on consent
The side of the bus shows some of the things covered in the A-Z of consent - photos, intersectionality, yes, questions, choice and no
The side of the bus shows some of the words covered by the A-Z of Consent
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