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Covid-19: Keeping us all safe

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We understand how difficult things have been for survivors throughout Covid-19.  The last two years have been particularly hard where our freedom and access to activities and other things that might help in recovery and staying well have been out of reach for many.  While we have continued to offer support online and by telephone throughout the pandemic, we know that some people prefer in-person support.


We are now offering in-person support

We are really pleased to now be able to offer support either in-person, as well as over the telephone and online.  We know that you might have some questions about coming for in-person support, especially as Covid-19 is still present in society and new symptoms have been added to the list of things we need to look out for.  We are happy to discuss this with you but we thought we would also take a moment to let you know the things we have put in place to help keep us all safe.


How we are working to keep us all safe

We carried out a survey last year to find out what things we can put in place to help people be safe and feel safe while having in-person support.  We have also read guidance from the government, BACP and other organisations we work alongside to help us with this.  Things we have put in place include:

  • Access to hand sanitizers
  • Bigger counselling rooms which are ventilated and have opening windows
  • Clear screens that we can use where social distancing is not always easy to manage
  • Extra cleaning between appointments
  • Staff will be wearing extra PPE where appropriate, which can include a perspex visor or face mask
  • Staff will not attend work if they are unwell with covid


How you can help us to keep safe

Prior to your appointment we will be sending out a leaflet.  This will give more information about what we are doing to help keep us all safe.  It will also have information about the things you can do to help reduce the transmission of Covid.  These include things like:

  • Not attending if you feel unwell – don’t worry we can always switch to online or rearrange your appointment for when you feel well again
  • Not arriving early for your appointment as we are not currently providing waiting areas

It also give you some other useful information.  For example, while we try and make our rooms as comfortable as possible, we are not providing drinks at present.  But it is okay to bring your own if you would like to.


If you have any questions we are happy to help talk them through with you.

We know that deciding which support method works for you is a personal choice.  Each option will have its own good points and perhaps some limitations.  You might want to know more about the safety measures we have in place before you make a decision.  We are happy to discuss any of this with you so that you get the support you want in the way that you want.

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