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Welcome to our new supporters!

Since launching the Consent Coalition in February 2020, we are delighted to receive national recognition as being a best practice model of how to successfully tackle sexual violence, support survivors and challenge sexual violence and consent myths and behaviours. Over the last year the Consent Coalition have been able to reach and engage with thousands of people, by sharing our important consent messages. The more you know, the more you can influence positive change.

At the Consent Coalition we know that talking about sexual violence and consent can be difficult. We rely on colleagues who are specialists within the sexual violence field to guide us and brave survivors to engage with us. We know how important it is to educate each other by working collaboratively. This approach has led to a number of new Nottingham organisations wanting to become members of the coalition. We are delighted to welcome…

By working together we are able to make real changes for survives of sexual violence. To find out more on supporting the Consent Coalition, please visit our new supporter page

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