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Fraser Competence

Fraser Competence describes a child or young persons capacity to give consent to allow the sharing of their confidential information. Each child and young person is an individual and their “Fraser competence” depends on their age, development and capacity to show that they understand  the concern being talked about and if they understand what giving consent is.


A young person of 16 and up to aged 18, or a child under 16 who has capacity to understand and make their own decisions, may give (or refuse) consent to sharing their information. Our workers are mindful of their responsibilities to safeguard you when considering your views where there are concerns about your capacity to consent.


Our workers always take your views into account if you are a “Fraser Competent” young person when considering the need to share confidential information with other services. If you are suffering from or likely to suffer significant harm and/or other people may suffer harm, information will be shared with services that need to know this and we will always explain the reasons for doing this with you.