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Useful Policies

Some of our policies which might be useful to you when accessing our service

Download Useful Policies Relating to our Service

Here is a list of some of the most relevant documents and policies for clients and people wanting to find out more about our service.  If you can’t see what you require here, please let us know and we’ll do our best to help.

Complaints Policy (how to make a complaint)

Client’s Confidentiality Agreement



Confidentiality Policy

GDPR (UK GDPR) - Privacy Policy
Governance of Organisation Policy
ISVA Policy for Supporting Survivors with Additional Needs to Engage with Services
Males - Policy Statement for Working with Male Survivors
Privacy Policy - GDPR
Policy Statement for Working with Male Survivors

Please contact dutysupervisor@nottssvss.org.uk if you would like further information about how we work with perpetrators of sexual offences.

news-briefing-reports-nsvss News, Briefings & Reports

We are looking for a qualified ISVA or Trainee ISVA to join our high quality, accredited and award winning ISVA Service
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Find out how you can use your voice to create change by giving feedback on our service and responding to government consultations.
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Join us for a Week of Action from 5-11 February and show your support for survivors this Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness Week!
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