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Consent Coalition and Nottingham BID launch ‘Safe Space Pledge’

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Nottingham has launched its Safe Space Pledge to help improve the safety of women and girls in the night time economy.

In Autumn 2021 the Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner carried out a survey to find out how safe women felt when in Nottingham city centre at night and what could be done to improve this.  The majority of women who responded indicated that they do not feel safe.  They called for more to be done about raising awareness of consent, challenging unacceptable behaviour and improving availability of safe spaces and appropriately trained staff.  Using this information Commissioner Henry secured funding for a range of projects aiming to improve the safety of women in the night time economy.

Working together, the Consent Coalition and Nottingham BID, have developed the ‘Safe Space Pledge’.  The pledge is made up of eight actions and commitments venues can take to improve the safety of women and girls.  It has been co-designed by specialists in the sexual violence, domestic abuse and women’s safety sector and sends a clear message to anyone who lives, works, studies or visits Nottingham that the safety of all women and girls is a priority.

The pledge is managed by Nottingham BID and has been incorporated into the Nottingham Best Bar None accreditation scheme.  Nottingham BID has made arrangements so that any venue in Nottingham City can sign up to the pledge, including those who are not licensed to sell alcohol.  Venues that have signed up to the pledge will be listed on the Nottingham BID website and will be able to display the pledge poster in their venue.

More information about how to get involved, including access to training and signing up to the Safe Space Pledge, and can be found by visiting the Nottingham Bid website https://www.nottinghambid.com/what-we-deliver/safe-space/


The Consent Coalition stands together to say that Nottingham does not tolerate any form of sexual violence

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