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How Your Feedback Helped us Create our Survivors Charter

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How Your Feedback Helped Us Design our Survivors Charter

Our Survivor’s Charter recently went live and is a valuable tool to help people know what they can expect from our service.

We know that it can be difficult to reach out for help and so the idea behind the charter was to help people using our service and those thinking about using our service, know what they could expect in a way that was gentle and straightforward.

Split into three sections, under headings of ‘We Listen’, ‘We Believe’ and ‘We Support’ the charter shows how we work with survivors and what this means.  It looks at things like how we respond to survivors’ needs, the support we offer, confidentiality and how we help people to feedback into our service.


Getting Input from Survivors

The charter was written in collaboration with survivors.  Our Engagement Manager spent time talking to  survivors who provided feedback on a range of initial ideas including content, layout and the colours used.  Some of this included:

  • That having too many headings made the Charter difficult to navigate
  • Avoiding straight lines which could be spikey and triggering
  • The colours, including the purple were too dark
  • Big blocks of text were off-putting when a person can only take in limited information
  • It should provide information on how to provide feedback or make a complaint about the service

Survivor input was really helpful in developing the Charter, with feedback helping us to break down text into easy to read sections that could be expanded where people wanted more information.  We also chose a softer colour palette, which we are using across other areas of the service and included information on feedback and complaints as part of this work.  We are also using these insights to help us in developing other resources for the service.  A full breakdown of the feedback and how we used it can be found on our new You Said – We Did webpage.


But the work doesn’t stop there

Whilst the Survivor’s Charter is complete, we are always happy to receive feedback on this and any other aspect of our service, whether you are a service user or not.  While service users are often invited to give feedback on the service they are receiving, it is really helpful for us to also have comments on things like our social media and website and printed materials.  Feedback can be given through our online Feedback form, by emailing feedback@nottssvss.org.uk or by phoning our helpline on 0115 941 0440.


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