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The IICSA Truth Project comes to Nottingham

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The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse was set up to look at the way that organisations and institutions in England and Wales have failed to protect children from sexual abuse. The Truth Project, which is part of the Inquiry, has now come to Nottingham to listen to victims/survivors who were failed in the past.  They want to listen to victim/survivors’ experiences and views to understand how they were failed and find out how they can better protect children in the future.

It is not an evidential process and people talking to the project will not be asked to prove anything.  It is a supportive, collaborative process where survivors remain in control of what details they disclose and their name will not be published or made public.


Who can talk to the Inquiry?

The Truth project would like to hear from:

  • Anyone who was sexually abused as a child in an institutional setting, for example a care home, school, a hospital or medical setting or a religious, voluntary or state organisation;


  • Anyone who first came into contact with their abuser in an institutional setting;


  • Anyone who was sexually abused as a child and reported their abuse to someone in authority (for example a police officer, a social worker or a teacher) who then ignored or didn’t act on the report properly. The abuser might possibly be a family member, a family friend or perhaps even someone unknown.


How can I speak to the inquiry?

People can share their experiences in many ways.  Some people do this by audio file, video, in writing or via email.  Other people may choose to have a Private Session, where they can speak to a member of the inquiry, in a location that is as convenient to them as possible.

Where victims/survivors choose to attend a Private Session, a trained support worker will be available to offer support.  Victims/survivors can also chose to bring a friend or family member with them for support.


What support is available to people talking to the project?

Anybody contacting the Truth Project will be offered the chance to have a Support Worker, who can provide telephone support in the 28 days leading up to a Private Session and the two weeks following.  They will also be at the venue to offer support on the day of the Private Session.

A victim or survivor may chose not to have support from a Support Worker or they may change their mind about whether they require this or not at any point during their engagement with the project.

People choosing to give information via other means will also be offered the chance to have support.


How do I find out more?

If you would like to find out more about the Truth Project you can contact them in a variety of ways:

Website: https://www.iicsa.org.uk/victims-and-survivors

Email: share@iicsa.org.uk

Telephone: 0800 917 1000

Post: PO Box 72289, London, SW1P 9LF

You can also find out more about the Truth Project on their Facebook and Twitter pages.


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