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Your space

We recognise the importance of being heard and believed and this is at the heart of how we work to support you. We understand that a key element to offering support is creating the trust and space for you to be heard without judgement.

We offer regular support slots with friendly, qualified and experienced workers. Having your experiences believed and validated is essential for recovery.

Responsive and focussed on your needs

We understand the effects of trauma and the importance of responding to the changing needs of our clients. We will ask you to complete a holistic assessment to help us understand and best support you. Things often change and there will be regular time made for us to review things with you to ensure that the support we offer continues to meet what you want and need.

We work to ensure that anyone who contacts our service will receive a response within 72 hours.


We understand that talking about your experiences can be difficult and sensitive, and we treat the protection of your information with great seriousness. We believe that it is important to feel safe about sharing your experience, and we will discuss and explain in detail with you the meaning and limitations of confidentiality before any support takes place.

We know confidentiality can be confusing, so it is important to us that you understand what this means and how we work to keep you and others safe.  You can read our confidentiality policy and privacy policies on this page.


A full explanation of how we protect you and your information and how we will work with you can be found in our Privacy Policy.

If you feel that we have fallen short and could do better, we have a complaints process that allows you to tell us, so that we can investigate and take action to improve. Our complaints process is available to read here.