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How we can help

Our services are for anybody in Nottingham or Nottinghamshire, aged 18 and above, who has experienced rape, sexual abuse or sexual violence, whether recently or in the past. We are also able to support those concerned about a friend, partner or family member.

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  • HelplineOur helpline offers emotional support to anybody aged 18 or over who has experienced any kind of sexual assault. We can help make referrals into the services that are right for you. We also support those concerned about a friend, partner or family member.
  • Drop-inYou can book an hour long drop-in appointment to talk to one of our counsellors and look at your options in more depth.
  • CounsellingOur counselling offers a safe and non-judgemental space where you can explore your thoughts and feelings in a way that may not be possible with family or friends. We offer a range of counselling options, including face-to-face and online, with a choice of male or female worker.
  • Cognitive Behavioural TherapyCBT helps people to learn different techniques to cope with everyday life. These sessions are given over a short period of time with a chance to try techniques out and see what works for you.
  • EMDRThis therapy uses eye movement and memory to reduce the emotional distress caused by a traumatic event. These sessions are given over a short period of time.
  • Email SupportEmail support is a useful option for people who prefer to write things down or who don’t want to talk about them in person. Our support email is support@nottssvss.org.uk
  • ISVA ServiceOur ISVA Service offers practical support around things like housing, benefits and health services. We can help you understand your rights and the services you can access. If you choose to report to the police, our ISVAs can accompany you and support you through any court proceedings.
  • Survivors Support ServiceThis service offers practical support to adults who are survivors of Institutional Child Sexual Abuse. The abuse might have happened in a care home, school, hospital, religious place or a voluntary or state organisation. Our workers will support you with your choices and help you access services that are right for you.
  • Group SupportSome people find it helpful to meet other survivors and share experiences. Our ‘Beyond Survival’ support groups looks at things like safety, self-care, anger and empowerment and helps people build trust in themselves and others.
  • Creating Safety – Online ProgrammeOur online programme includes reading, exercises, homework and quotes. It is designed to fit into six weeks but you can work at your own pace and leave bits out or use the materials in a way that is right for you. Our helpline can give you extra support should you need it.
  • Training and TalksWe are able to offer training and talks to organisations on the impact of sexual violence and the range of support available.
  • Therapeutic Support ServiceThis service provides therapeutic support to those aged 13-17. This is the only service we offer to those aged under 18 and referrals are made by the East Midlands Children and Young People Sexual Assault Service (EMCYPSAS).
Equality and accessibility

Our services are open to anyone aged 18+. We understand that you may have specific fears about seeking support because of who you are or where you are from. We believe that all survivors of sexual abuse deserve support and we will listen to you and will support you in a way that is sensitive to your needs.

We have a wide range of options to help you access our service including varied opening hours, online and in-person support, accessible rooms and interpreting facilities. We will advertise our services both generally and directly so that people who need support know we are there for them.

Supporting your recovery

Our services will focus on what support you need to work towards recovery. We know that trauma can cause difficulties in many different areas of your life and our services will not be able to help with everything that you might be struggling with.

We will support you to explore and access additional services that might meet your needs, and we will work with other services that are working with you. We take great care to only refer to trusted services that offer safe and quality assured services.


If you feel that we have fallen short and could do better, we have a complaints process that allows you to tell us, so that we can investigate and take action to improve. Our complaints process is available to read here.