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Survivors Support Service

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Survivors Support Service

Nott’s SVS are now offering the Survivors Support Service.  Our new Service offers specialist support to anyone aged 13 years and over who is a survivor of recent or non–recent institutional childhood sexual abuse.


What does ‘Institutional’ mean?

We are here to support anyone who has been sexually abused in an institutional setting.  These might be:

  • A Care home
  • A School
  • A hospital
  • A religious organisation
  • Voluntary or state organisation

We are also able to support anyone who reported their sexual abuse to a person in authority for example, a police officer, social worker, or a teacher, where the report was either ignored or not acted upon properly.


Survivor Support Worker

Our specialised support workers will work with survivors to enable them to exercise greater choice and control in all aspects of their lives.

We will help survivors to experience improved health and wellbeing, by gaining appropriate access to health and other services, developing coping strategies to better manage their mental health, emotional wellbeing and any substance misuse.

Support workers will work with survivors within a multiagency setting, providing a tailored response to the needs of the survivor.  This support may include offering appropriate information and support to include emotional health, options exploration, and timely access to other partner agencies, such as housing, immigration, welfare benefits, education and physical wellbeing.

Support workers will actively and positively engage with other voluntary sector agencies, including public sector services including social care and mental health, to improve multi-agency responses to survivors.


Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) Truth Project

The IICSA was set up to look at ways organisations in England and Wales have failed to protect children from sexual abuse.  The Truth Project gives people who have experienced child sexual abuse the opportunity to share their views and experiences in a supportive and confidential setting, and IICSA will provide support while Survivors share their experiences.  Our Survivors Support Service will work alongside the Truth Project offering additional support.


How to access this service

If you would like to find out more about this service or would like to access support, you can use the self-referral form on our website or phone 0115 950 8713. Agencies can refer to us by emailing survivorssupportservice@nottssvss.org.uk we will endeavour to make contact within 72 hours of the referral to arrange an appointment for a support worker to meet with the survivor.

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