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We’re Looking for Helpline Volunteers

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Notts SVS Services has a proud history of recruiting volunteers to help us provide services and support to survivors of sexual violence.  In 2017/18 we had 30 volunteers help us provide key services as Helpline Volunteers and as Volunteer Counsellors.  We are currently recruiting for Helpline Volunteers, with the next round of training due to start in February.

  • Are you interested in supporting people who have experienced rape or sexual abuse?
  • Would you like to receive high-quality training around sexual violence and listening skills?
  • Would you like to work in a friendly and supportive environment?

If you can answer ‘yes’ to the above questions and are female* and are interested in volunteering in the sexual violence sector, we would really like to hear from you.


What is involved?

In order to start volunteering with us though, you need to complete and submit an application form, attend an interview and also undertake some training with us.  Our training gives in-depth information about how to support survivors of sexual violence and is designed to help people with different styles of learning.   Subjects covered include things like listening and response skills, coping strategies, rape and the legal system and equality and diversity.

You can find out more about the actual role by looking through the application pack.


Support for Volunteers

We are able to support our volunteers in many ways, which includes:

  • Payment of travel expenses
  • Three additional days’ training per year, which in the past has included training on experiences of LGBT survivors and being LGBT inclusive, the needs of refugee and asylum seekers, awareness raising around ChemSex.
  • Monthly group supervision
  • A supportive environment in which to gain experience and increase skills.
  • All volunteers have access to paid staff supervisors should they need assistance in the course of their work.


What is it like to volunteer with us?

Most of our volunteers really enjoy working with us and gain a lot of experience, which they are often able to take into other roles.

“The work itself is, in equal parts, rewarding and challenging. Hearing a survivor recount their experiences is never easy but at the end of each call we ask if they found telling their story helpful. Nearly always, the answer is ‘yes.’ To know that I am making even the smallest of differences is greatly fulfilling.” (Helpline Volunteer)


Want to find out more?

If you would like to find out more about volunteering for us, including what is involved, you can role descriptions and application packs on our website.  Informal enquiries can be directed to Natalee helplinecoordinator@nottssvss.org.uk

*Because of the nature of this post, which mainly involves working with women, it is only open to female applicants and is exempt under Schedule 9 Part 1 Equalities Act 2010.

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